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CryO2 Cryogenic Fuel Bar - Blue -6AN

The CryO² Fuel Bar is a billet aluminum extension to the fuel line with a cryogenic chamber. The bar is charged with liquid Co² and freezes to -80 degrees f. Heat is removed from the fuel as it passes through resulting in a colder fuel charge. The CryO² Fuel Bar comes in -6AN and -10AN (can be reduced for -8AN) fuel line size. Four cryo-ports allow versatility of installation. Comes complete with vent plug, cryo-port plugs and connection/vent hose. The CryO² Fuel Bar can be used alone or in conjunction with other Co² components.

Item no.080122

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    DEI Cryogenic Fuel Bar™ FAQ

    What type of connectors does the Fuel Bar use?
    Depending on which version you purchase, the Fuel Bar will be drilled for -6AN or -10AN female fittings for fuel. There are also 4 connector ports for the connection of the CryO2™ line that are 1/8” NPT, please note that two of the four connectors of the CryO2™ line will be blocked off.

    Will the Fuel Bar freeze my gasoline?
    No, gasoline is stable and useable until negative 109 degrees Fahrenheit!

    Why does one of the block off screws have a hole?
    Once the line is run from the CryO2 tank to the Fuel Bar, you will have two end caps to block off two of the three-connector ports for the CryO2 line. There is another block-off cap with a pinhole in it. Use that if it is the last item in your system. This will allow the CO2 gasses to be released into the atmosphere.

    Where does the Fuel Bar connect?
    The Fuel Bar should be placed inline before the fuel rail, so that the fuel going into the combustion chamber cold.

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