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BOOM MAT Performance Acoustical Material - Spray-on (18 oz. can)

Boom Mat Spray-On is an effective solution in eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations and unwanted engine and road noise.

  • Eliminates road noise
  • Dampens vibrations
  • For hard to reach areas
  • For interior and exterior
  • Covers 20 square feet
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes
  • Helps prevent rust
Item no.050220
weight: 1 lbs. 

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  • MSDS Safety Data Sheet

    Because Boom Mat Spray-on also contains rust inhibitors, it acts as an undercoating, providing a long lasting and effective way to guard against rust, rock, gravel and other on and off road elements. Boom Mat Spray-on is perfect for those hard to reach places such as trunk interiors, fender wells, undercarriage, body panels, rear quarters and inside door panels to name a few. In addition to reducing noise, vibration and serving as an undercoating, Boom Mat Spray-on also serves as a thermal barrier insulating against heat. Whether you're looking for a quiet ride by eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations and unwanted engine and road noise, or an effective rock guard, the benefits of Boom Mat Spray-on can be used on any vehicle. It can handle temperatures up to 300 F, be applied to non-coated surfaces and can be painted.

    DEI Boom Mat Spray-On FAQ

    Am I able to use this in the interior or exterior of the vehicle?
    You are able to use the Boom Mat Spray-On in the interior and exterior. It is perfect for wheel wells and in hard to get places. Boom Mat Spray-On will contour to the curves of the surface it is applied to, as well.

    How long does it take to dry?
    It dries to the touch in 20 minutes and paintable in 6 hours.

    Am I able to apply multiple layers?
    You can apply multiple layers after the pervious layers have dried to increase sound dampening results.

    Approximately how many square feet will a can cover?
    20 square feet is the approximant size which one 18 ounce can will cover.

    Is it possible to spray over rust?
    Boom Mat Spray-On prevents rust and oxidation by creating a barrier between the metal and moisture. It is okay to spray over rusted areas.


    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  i have subs in the trunk of my car and i was looking at the spray on boom mat and i was wondering if it would help with the sound quality and reduce some of the rattles and vibrations ???
    ANSWER:  Yes, this is a good use of boom mat. You could use the sheets of boom mat also.
    QUESTION:  i am trying to figure out how this would hold up if I sprayed it on the inside of my four doors? The inside of the outer door shell. I want my speakers in my doors to sound better as well as cut the road noise out that my 2004 malibu seems horrible with.
    ANSWER:  That's a perfect use for this product. You would be very happy with the results.
    QUESTION:  Once applied on wheel wells, how long does it last?
    ANSWER:  On average, the spray will last at least 3-5 years. Depending on the driving conditions (rock, sand, snow salt, etc…) you may want to do an annual touch up.
    QUESTION:  Is this spray ASPHALT-based?
    ANSWER:  Yes
    QUESTION:  where do i buy the mat that i saw on horsepower tv i only see the spray can where do u click on to get the matts chuck and how much do they cost
    ANSWER:  Look at the bottom of the left nav. The category is called Sound Barrier. All the mats are there in various sizes and prices.
    QUESTION:  how good will it hold up on the inner fenders exterior.
    ANSWER:  Boom Mat has been used under the fenders of many cars, trucks, and motorcycles with great success in helping to eliminate rock chips and starring in fiberglass and plastic fenders.
    QUESTION:  How do you prepare a surface for this product? Also, I am removing the interior of my truck and replacing it with a bed liner material with no sound dampening value. Will an application of this be enough to reduce road an engine noise?
    ANSWER:  Please go to www.1fastcar.com to ask your product question. Boom Mat is sold there. This website is inactive.
    QUESTION:  if i sprayed down my entire truck interior, after it all dried, would i be able to spray a glue adhesive on top of where i sprayed the boom mat so that i could tweed my interior?
    ANSWER:  Yes, you could spray an adhesive over the Boom Mat. Please order on our other website - www.1tail.com.
    QUESTION:  Does this product have a color before it is painted? I am assuming that since one of the ingredients is asphalt that it probably sprays gray or black.
    ANSWER:  It is a gray color.
    QUESTION:  im thinkin about sprayin my whole exterior of my truck i have a 97 ford f150 XL 4x4, its lifted and im constantly rippin through mud patches and other offroad obstacles, i hate seeing scratches..wud spraying my tuck with your product be as good a say...using rhino liner spray,anyways e-mail me a.s.a.p
    ANSWER:  Although the quality of this product is equal to the quality of a product like Rhino Liner, it is very difficult to do professional level surface preparation in a home shop environment, and it is not possible to achieve the thickness of professional spray equipment with an aerosol can. I encourage you to purchase some of this product and try it to see if it will meet your requirements.
    QUESTION:  Hello, I would like to know if I can spray your "BOOM MAT Spray-on" in the inner fenders exterior side above the tires to make the interior quieter, and the outside of the firewall behind the engine ..again on the exterior of the vehicle? does this product HAVE to be painted if sprayed in the wheel wells? does this spray absorb moisture?
    ANSWER:  You can spray Boom Mat on the inside, outside, under the hood or wherever you want to. It won't absorb moisture.
    Email questions to: Service@1FastCar.com
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